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Spelling Bee Rules

Teams: Teams will be made up of 2 to 6 individuals.

Format: Preliminary Rounds. One word will be provided to all teams. Teams will have 15 seconds to declare if they want to purchase a cheat. Once the cheat transaction is complete, all teams will have 30 seconds to spell their word on the provided white board.

Each team will designate a captain to present their white board spelling and interact with the judges, if necessary. If a team misspells a word in two different rounds, they will be eliminated from the competition. Once the field is narrowed to six teams, we enter the Final Rounds.

Cheats Available for Purchase in the Preliminary Rounds are:

  • $100: Spend 30 seconds with a Dictionary
  • $150: Invent a Word – must provide a description and use of the word
  • $200: Buy an audience member to spell your word
  • $300: Buy your Way Back into the Competition (upon 2-strike elimination)

Final Rounds: One person from each team will now spell from the stage at the microphone. No more whiteboards (unless purchased!) Once they have successfully spelled their word, they leave the stage and a second person from the team takes their seat on stage for the next round. All members of the team must take their turn on the stage, before you can repeat.

One misspelling = team elimination.
A different set of cheats will be available for this round, but once the field is narrowed to three teams, the cheats will no longer be available for purchase.

Cheats Available for Purchase in the Final Rounds are:

  • $100: Buy a White Board for Team Use Throughout the Final Round (up to last 2 rounds)
  • $150: Mulligan – Give me a New Word
  • $200: Pass my word to the next Contestant
  • $25,000 Buy the dang trophy!

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